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Explore the Boyne River
on a guided raft tour

One trip with us down the Boyne River will quickly convince you of the reasons the National Science Foundation selected it to be the subject of a multi-year study. Boyne River is a magical place, full of beauty and many interesting sights. We hope you will choose Boyne River Rafting to guide you through this peaceful wonderland!


What’s our route?

We will meet at Riverside Park at 500 Spring Street in Boyne City for a shuttle ride to the Boyne River Nature Area where our river fun begins! The tour takes about two hours.

Boyne River Rafting route map


$200 minimum for raft and guide,

includes up to 4 people


$25 for each additional person,

up to a maximum of 6 passengers 

No tipping, please

Want to go?


What’s included?

We’ve got you covered with all of the equipment you’ll need, from life vests, paddles and boats to a seasoned guide who will offer a safety briefing before we embark, then answer your questions and point out interesting sites, flora and fauna. 



What should we bring?

Dress for the water with plenty of warm clothing as it is typically cooler in the deep reaches of the Boyne River Valley. Bring protection from the sun (sunscreen), long-sleeved shirts, hats, sunglasses, shoes you don’t mind getting wet (such as flip flops), medications, drinks and snacks. We recommend bringing personal electronics only if they are in a protective waterproof case, due to the risk of damage.


What will we see?

Depending on the season, you’ll see various fish, marine life, birds, plants, animals and beautiful wilderness scenery. Since we travel in small groups, we can pass by wildlife without startling them.

Will we get soaked?

While it's certainly possible, our modern boats are very stable. Folks usually only get wet when they wish to — all in good fun and generally on warmer days. 

Will others be along?

Tours are limited to 8 guests per guide, and we keep groups together by boat in the event there are several smaller groups.

Where will we start?

We will meet at Riverside Park at 500 Spring Street in Boyne City for a shuttle ride to the Boyne River Nature Area, where our river fun begins!

How long will the tour last?

Generally about two hours start to finish, but it varies depending on the speed of the river which changes with the environment, and also how vigorous our paddling is. 

Should we bring food?

Certainly bring snacks and drinks if you wish. The best news is that your trip concludes in the heart of Boyne City with eleven unique, tasty restaurants. 

Is the tour suitable for kids?

We welcome kids age 7 and up. The tour gets a bit long for the little ones.

What about inclement weather?

Our inland pilots are very used to crazy Northern Michigan weather that can change on a dime! We are happy to accommodate guests rain or shine, the only exception would be a threat of lightning, which could make the trip hazardous to proceed. One of the many great things about the Boyne River Valley is how sheltered it is by high bluffs and forest cover. What can seem like a Tsunami on the open water of Lake Charlevoix is barely felt on the river.

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